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DSWA Branch Training Courses
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 Branch Training Courses

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The end result of a satisfying training weekend!

The DSWA is committed to raising awareness of the importance of our dry stone walls and their heritage to both the general public, land owners and the government.

The Association, both nationally and through its network of local branches, runs numerous training courses throughout the year. This ensures the skills required to maintain and build new walls are passed down to the next generation of dry stone wallers.

Course objectives

During a dry stone walling training course you will:

  •   Be taught by accredited DSWA Instructors 

  •   Learn the basic principals of dry stone walling 

  •   Increase your understanding of the need to conserve dry stone walls 

  •   Enjoy working in the countryside alongside others with similar interests 

Course information

The courses are open to anyone from 13 to 80+, provided they are reasonable fit and well. Attendees under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Serious injuries in walling are rare, but care is needed when handling and working with stone to avoid back, hand, foot and eye injuries. Your instructor will give safety instruction and guidance.

  •  There is ample parking at all sites

  •  Toilet facilities are available near the walling site

  •  First Aid kits are kept by instructors

  •  O&YD  DSWA training courses have public liability insurance to cover course members

  •  Tools, pins and lines provided

  •  Participants need to inform us of any significant medical issues on the application form in advance  or discuss with the instructor prior to the course



£100.00 / person for 2 day course


(student, unemployed, 65-plus)

£60.00 / person for 2 day course

Help for Heroes - there is no charge for military personnel and veterans who have suffered injuries or illness as a result of their service to the nation.

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