DSWA Craftsman Certification Scheme

This scheme, run in conjunction with Lantra Awards, offers a series of nationally recognised qualifications in dry stone walling at  Levels 1 (Initial), 2 (Intermediate) and 3 (Advanced).  Full details of the scheme, application forms and pricing are available on the DSWA website

No date for 2021 certification day at Otley yet

Contact the DSWA head office as they are running some test days.
information@dswa.org.uk  tel:015395 67953

Contact Jo Haines for advice, mentoring and practice sessions in preparation for the test.

Mobile: 07762 844845         Email

The DSWA organises in-house training courses for members interested in running short courses for beginners.  The courses are available to those holding at least the Intermediate/Level 2 certificate and details are sent to those eligible to attend, as and when dates are arranged.  The course takes place over a two-day period, usually a weekend, and gives candidates the opportunity to practice instructional techniques and to plan training events.